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Edited from: company website, “medium-term 2009-2010” plan and Adeka fact book


Adeka will focus on its medium-term business plan for fiscal year 2009-2010 with the main theme being maximisation of corporate value. With this theme, it aims to make progress as a “born again” company under its changed business name (the company name was changed from Asahi Denka to Adeka).


Adeka states that the medium-term business plan was created to lay the foundation to become a Yen300bn company.


Key goals to be achieved by fiscal-year 2010 under the medium-term business plan include:


(1)   Consolidated net sales of Yen200bn;

(2)   Consolidated current profit of Yen22bn;

(3)   Individual sales of Yen140bn; and

(4)   Individual current profit of Yen19bn.


Adeka’s strategic focus is based on “aspiring to become an aggressive and progressive” company. Through its basic management plan the company will concentrate on economic efficiency, social awareness and environmental preservation. The two key themes of the management plan include “substantial growth" and "further increase of profitability".


The company’s key strategy includes:


(1)   Constructing a foundation for growth through the creation of new businesses;

(2)   Selection and focus through emphasised intensification of key businesses and focus on domains

       where profitability and growth is expected;

(3)   The strengthening of its technical capabilities, especially in research and development (R&D) and

       production technology;

(4)   Expanding its overseas operations;

(5)   Concentrating on the development and strengthening of its human resources;

(6)   Strengthening of the group management team; and 

(7)   The enhancement of corporate governance.


Adeka has its R&D bases currently located in Ogu, Tokyo and Urawa and Kuki, Japan. By strengthening its R&D and sales through cooperation with affiliated companies, the company intends to establish a production system that is able to meet the diversifying needs of the market while facilitating the aggressive pursuit of business activities.


To ensure the foundation for growth, Adeka will upgrade and expand its operating base by expanding its market share globally and creating new business, and promoting strengthened business competitiveness. The company believes that it already holds a leading position in the Asian market and intends to expand its presence overseas by increasing its market share in Europe and America through globalisation of its business.


In addition, it will work on the development and strengthening of its human resources offerings, the enhancement of corporate governance and the strengthening of its company environment.


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Financial highlights: Adeka, year ended 31 March







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Adeka Company Structure

Adeka is primarily a producer of chemical and food products. In May 2006, the company name was changed from Asahi Denka to Adeka Corporation and its headquarters were moved to a new building in Higashioku, Arakawa-ku, Tokyo, Japan.
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