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Company Intelligence: Cytec Industries

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Cytec Industries is a global speciality chemicals and materials company serving many markets such as the water and waste water treatment, mineral processing, paper, automotive, plastics and aerospace industries. Cytec Industries


The company expects continuing growth for mining chemicals as the copper and alumina industries benefit from global infrastructure build, and it continues to invest in new products for these key sectors plus develop new products for related industries. Technology is important in the polymer additives and pressure sensitive adhesives product lines as Cytec seeks to enhance the vitality of its portfolio to “blunt the attack” from commodity products.


Its research and development programmes are further targeted on high growth and value added sectors, with added effort placed on what it calls “breakthrough technology”.


Cytec states that its vision is to be a premier specialty chemicals and materials company. It will focus on developing applications and solutions that meet customer needs, technology leadership, seek geographical expansion of its business and pursue operational excellence and efficiencies.


Headquartered in West Paterson, New Jersey, US, Cytec had net sales of $2.8bn in 2010.


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Key Personnel


Chairman, president and CEO: Shane Fleming

Corporate officer: William Wood

Director: Chris Davis

Director: Anthony Fernandes

Director: Louis Hoynes

Director: Carol Lowe

Director: Barry Johnson

Director: William Powell

Director: Thomas Rabaut

Director: Jerry Satrum

Director: Raymond Sharpe

Director: James Stanley




Cytec Industries
5 Garret Mountain Plaza
West Paterson
New Jersey 07424

Tel: +1 973 357 3100 

Cytec Industries Company Structure

Cytec Industries is a global speciality chemicals and materials company serving markets for water and waste water treatment, mineral processing, paper manufacturing and recycling, automotive and industrial coatings, plastics, adhesives, aerospace adhesives and composites, and chemical intermediates.
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Cytec Industries Strategy & Financial Highlights

Cytec states that its strategy is to be a premier specialty chemicals and materials company will be achieved through customer focus, superior technology, operational excellence and employee commitment. (Edited from “letter to our stockholders”, annual report). ICIS also provides you with key financial data listed in table form. More about Cytec Industries Strategy & Financial Highlights


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