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DuPont sees itself as a company delivering science-based solutions. Its science and technology expertise ranges from high-performance materials through to agricultural products in areas such as food and nutrition, health care, apparel, safety and security, construction, electronics and transportation. It is a global organisation operating in more than 70 countries with 58,000 employees and revenues in 2010 of $31.5bn. DuPont headquarters (Source: DuPont)


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DuPont was founded in 1802 primarily as an explosives company. Its focus then turned to chemicals, materials and energy.


Company movement


Please see Agrium completes retail acquisition from DuPont in Argentina on ICIS news. For more on Agrium please click here.


In April 2010, DuPont moved its training and consulting units into one business, named ‘DuPont Sustainable Solutions’. For more on this please see DuPont unveils consultant business, targets $15bn market on ICIS news.


In December 2009, Dorf Ketal Chemical acquired the specialty catalysts business of DuPont Chemicals and Fluoroproducts. For more on this please see India’s Dorf Ketal buys DuPont specialty catalysts business on ICIS news.


In October 2009, DuPont said that DuPont Chemical Solutions Enterprise and DuPont Fluoroproducts will be merged into a single unit named DuPont Chemicals and Fluoroproducts. For more on this please see US DuPont merges Fluor products, chem solution businesses on ICIS news.


In August 2009, DuPont said it will consolidate its operations into 14 businesses. For more on this please see DuPont consolidates businesses, appoints new CFO on ICIS news.


In January 2008, Chemtura sold its fluorochemicals business to DuPont. The sale included Chemtura's plant in El Dorado, Arkansas, south of Little Rock. Chemtura did not disclose the financial terms of the deal.


The five business units in DuPont are:


DuPont Agriculture and Nutrition


This group was set up to leverage DuPont's strengths in crop protection, seeds, biotechnology, food ingredients and safety to provide solutions for growers and the global food industry. The business has a broad portfolio of brands such as Pioneer seeds, Solae soy protein and Bax pathogen screening as well as recognized brands of insecticides, fungicides and herbicides.


DuPont Coatings and Colour Technologies


This unit was set up to leverage DuPont technology and knowledge of the titanium dioxide, coatings and ink jet businesses. Its offering includes coatings, ingredients, systems and services to achieve functionality, aesthetics and process needs.


DuPont Electronic and Communication Technologies


This group leverages its strong materials and technology base into the 'high tech' market by advancing the speed, size, and cost reduction of electronic and communication devices. The platform's pipeline of emerging technologies includes organic light emitting diode (OLED) displays, thermal multi-layer colour filters, embedded passive electronic components, low loss laminate materials for semiconductor packages, polymers for 193 and 157 nm photoresists, and fuel cell membrane electrode assemblies.


DuPont Performance Materials


This business develops applications for new and existing markets through materials solutions and substitution. Key growth opportunities include developing new automotive applications both under the hood and on the vehicle body, enhancing consumer packaging solutions, and expanding its presence in Asia Pacific.


DuPont Safety and Protection


DuPont Safety & Protection extends the company's knowledge, technology and e experience to deliver solutions that protect people, property, operations, and the environment. Current platform initiatives are focused on durable structures, personal protective systems, clean & disinfect systems, consumer applications, healthcare, government programmes, environmental solutions, and safety services.


DuPont Russian Coatings


A joint venture between Dupont and Russkie Kraski aimed at supplying automotive coatings to automobile and commercial vehicle makers in Russia and Eastern Europe. The company will draw on technologies licensed from both partners. The joint venture is headquartered in Yaroslavl, Russia, and will supply local and international car makers in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine with coatings and provide full-scale technical support.

DuPont Strategy & Financial Highlights

DuPont says it will benefit in 2010 from “anticipated gradual recovery” in developed markets and a more rapid acceleration in emerging markets. The company expects to grow faster than market rates over the next few years due to its “unique” portfolio, global positioning, and the combined impact of its productivity and business management. ICIS also provides you with key financial data listed in table form. More about DuPont Strategy & Financial Highlights


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