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Company Intelligence: Evonik Industries

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Evonik Industries is a specialty chemical company involved in fine, performance, construction and industrial chemicals, health and nutrition, coatings and advanced fillers, and speciality polymers as well as energy and real estate. The business units are assigned to five reporting segments: Technology Specialties, Consumer Solutions, Specialty Materials, Energy and Real Estate. Evonik Industries Logo (Source: Evonik Industries)


Evonik’s broad customer base, regional diversification and the wide-ranging applications of the products in its portfolio provide a sound basis for it to continue to participate in global growth. It is predicting steady organic growth in the coming years, driven by in-house innovations as well as the high-growth Asian and eastern European markets.


The company will expand the proportion of its business activities that rank among the market leaders, without “jeopardizing” its financial and profitability targets through such investments. It will also continue to optimise its business portfolio through smaller acquisitions and divestments.


Headquartered in Essen, Germany, Evonik has 38,681 employees and generated sales of around €13bn in 2009.


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Key Personnel


Chairman: Klaus Engel

Board member: Wolfgang Colberg

Chief human resources officer: Thomas Wessel


Evonik Carbon Black


Chairman of the board and CEO: Jack Clem

Chief financial officer: Rainer Wobbe




Evonik Industries AG
Rellinghauser Strabe 1-11
45128 Essen

Tel: +49 201 177 01
Fax: +49 201 177 3475

Evonik Industries Company Structure

Evonik Industries is formally known as Degussa, a wholly owned subsidiary of the RAG group, and is a specialty chemical company. On 9 February 2001, two global producers, Degussa-Huls and SKW, came together and formed the new Degussa AG. In March 2001, Laporte, a UK-based fine and performance chemicals company, joined Degussa to form one of the world's leading major speciality chemical companies. On 12 September 2007, Degussa was renamed Evonik Chemicals and is part of Evonik Industries.
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Evonik Industries Strategy & Financial Highlights

Evonik states that it has a clear ongoing strategy. It is concentrating on achieving ambitious growth and profitability targets. Its goal is not “simply to be a specialty chemicals company, but to rank among the best”. That it says is the purpose of the “Evonik 2008” strategy programme. (Edited from: company website). ICIS also provides you with key financial data listed in table form. More about Evonik Industries Strategy & Financial Highlights


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