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Company Intelligence: Mitsubishi Chemical

Mitsubishi Chemical | Company Structure Information from ICIS


Mitsubishi Chemical is an all-round chemical company, founded on the development of a diverse range of chemical materials, as well as the application of those materials to a variety of uses. Mitsubishi Chemical is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan and has around 53,907 employees.


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The company was established in 1934.


Company movements


In May 2010, Asahi Kasei and Mitsubishi Chemical signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) for a 50:50 joint venture that will combine the basic petrochemicals operations at the Mizushima industrial zone, Okayama, Japan. For more on this please see Japan's Asahi Kasei, Mitsubishi Chem merge petchems, cracker ops on ICIS news.


In December 2009, Mitsubishi Chemical Corp made its polyvinyl chloride (PVC) joint venture, Sunprene (Thailand), a wholly-owned subsidiary. For more on this please see Japan’s MCC makes PVC joint venture a wholly-owned subsidiary on ICIS news.


In August 2009, Mitsubishi bought a 19.5% stake in Deccan Fine Chemicals. For more on this story please see Mitsubishi Corp buys a 19.5% stake in Deccan Fine Chemicals on ICIS news.


In April 2009, Mitsubishi Chemical (MCC) said it plans to establish a strategic business partnership with Sinopec, covering joint research, project tie-ups, supplies of raw materials and finished products, engineering, logistics, technology transfers and human resources.




This division consists of four segments and has three production facilities at Kashima, Yokkaichi and Mizushima.


Basic Petrochemicals & Industrial Chemicals


Mitsubishi Chemical is a major petrochemical manufacturer and claims to represent Japan's largest production source for petrochemical products.


Polymer Products


Mitsubishi Chemical is among the largest domestic market share leaders in the field of polymer products.


Raw Materials for Synthetic Fibres


Mitsubishi Chemical supplies raw materials including purified terephthalic acid (PTA), ethylene glycol (EG), caprolactam and acrylonitrile (ACN) for clothing and is advancing the use of polyester in such varied applications as polyethylene terephathalic (PET) bottles and film.


C4 Derivatives


Mitsubishi Chemical manufactures a variety of C4 derivatives.


Carbon and Agrochemicals


This division includes carbon products - primarily coke and agricultural products, such as inorganic fertilisers and agricultural chemicals.


Performance Products


Electronics Applications


This division has a firm foundation in such varied fields as imaging materials and storage, information storage, chemicals systems and compound semi-conductors.


Designed Materials


Intermediates with unique functions including varieties of aldehydes, which are used as raw materials for fragrances and flavours; monomers for polyimides; and epoxy resin and its raw materials for semiconductors.






Mitsubishi Chemical began full-scale operations in pharmaceuticals in 1971 and since then has developed twelve different types of ethical drugs.


Automotive Solutions


A range of automotive solutions.

Mitsubishi Chemical Strategy & Financial Highlights

Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation (MCC) says that in fiscal year 2009 it faced a sudden decline in domestic and overseas demand affected by the global financial crisis. On that basis, it experienced a “substantial” drop in sales and profits. (Edited from: “To our stockholders and stakeholders). ICIS also provides you with key financial data listed in table form. More about Mitsubishi Chemical Strategy & Financial Highlights


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