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Company Intelligence: Occidental Chemical

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Occidental Chemical Corporation (OxyChem), a wholly owned subsidiary of Occidental Petroleum Corp, (Oxy), is a leading North American manufacturer of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) resins, chlorine and caustic soda – key building blocks for a variety of products such as plastics, pharmaceuticals and water treatment chemicals.


The company is split into three segments: oil and gas; chemicals (OxyChem) and the midstream, marketing and other segment.


Other OxyChem products include caustic potash, chlorinated organics, sodium silicates, chlorinated isocyanurates, calcium chloride and resorcinol. Based in Dallas, Texas, US, the company has 22 manufacturing facilities in the US and one each in Canada, Chile and Brazil.


OxyChem claims that it is the world’s largest producer of calcium chloride, caustic potash, resorcinol and vinyl chloride monomer (VCM); the world's largest merchant marketer of chlorine and ethylene dichloride (EDC); the largest North American producer and only US producer of sodium chlorite; the largest US merchant marketer of caustic soda; and the first mercury-free caustic potash producer in North America.


OxyChem has been an active participant in the American Chemistry Council's Responsible Care initiative since its inception in 1988.


Occidental Chemical Strategy & Financial Highlights

Occidental’s key focus is delivering “performance, growth and value” in which it states that it is positioned for “consistent profitability”.ICIS also provides you with key financial data listed in table form. More about Occidental Chemical Strategy & Financial Highlights


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