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PKN Orlen is one of central Europe’s largest refiners of crude oil producing unleaded gasoline, diesel, heating oil, and aviation fuel as well as petrochemicals, plastics and other petroleum related products. Other major companies of the Orlen group include Mazeikiu Nafta (Lithuania), Unipetrol (Czech Republic), Orlen Deutschland (Germany), Basell Orlen Polyolefins and Anwil.


PKN Orlen has founded its new strategy on two pillars. The first assumes efficiency improvements, optimisation and investments in core activities to achieve market leadership. The second is a process of monitoring sales development and expansion opportunities in the opened markets of the Baltic states and Ukraine.


Growth in shareholder value will initially stem from internal sources. Once adequate financial and operational results are achieved, PKN Orlen will consider external value building options.


As at the end of the financial year 2008 the Orlen group employed 22,927 people, of which 4,748 accounted for PKN Orlen, 3,448 for Anwil, 4,281 for Unipetrol  and 3,059 for Mazeikiu Nafta.


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Key Personnel


President: Piotr Kownacki

Member: Slawomir Jedrzejczyk

Member: Wojciech Robert Kotlarek

Member: Krystian Pater

Member: Marek Serafin




ul. Chemikow 7
09 - 411 Plock


Tel:  +48 24 365 0000

Fax:  +48 24 365 4040


PKN Orlen Company Structure

Polski Koncern Naftowy (PKN) Orlen is one of the largest refiners of crude oil in Poland and Central Europe and a manufacture of petrochemicals and plastics. PKN Orlen was created from the merger, which took effect in September 1999, of PKN (formerly Petrochemia Plock), the largest crude oil refiner and manufacturer of petrochemical products in Poland, and CPN, supplier of motor fuels in Poland. On 19 May 1999, the general shareholders' meetings of each of Petrochemia and CPN adopted resolutions approving the merger by way of transfer of all of the assets and liabilities of CPN to Petrochemia. On 7 September 1999, CPN was deleted from the Commercial Register in Warsaw and the merger process was completed. On 12 April 2000, the dominant entity changed its name to PKN Orlen.
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PKN Orlen Strategy & Financial Highlights

PKN Orlen will focus on its updated strategy named “the creation of the company’s value” for the years 2006-2009. The strategy is based on three pillars: continuation of performance enhancing measures, strengthening of core operations in home markets and active searching for new development possibilities in new markets, including mergers and acquisitions. (Edited from annual report and company website). ICIS also provides you with key financial data listed in table form. More about PKN Orlen Strategy & Financial Highlights


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