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Solvay operates in pharmaceuticals, chemicals and plastics from more than 400 companies in over 50 countries. Some of its key products include soda ash, hydrogen peroxide, caustic soda and polyvinyl chloride (PVC). In 2010, Solvay had sales of around Euro7bn and 16,800 employees.


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In 1861, Ernest Solvay developed a revolutionary ammonia-soda process for producing sodium carbonate. The Solvay group was founded in 1863 to exploit this process.


Company movements


In February 2010, Solvay completed the sale of its pharmaceutical business to Abbott Laboratories. The deal was first announced in September 2009. For more on this please see Abbott completes Solvay pharmaceuticals acquisition on ICIS news.


In October 2008, Solvay acquired 100% of Egyptian state-owned Alexandria Sodium Carbonate Co (ASCC) for Egyptian pounds (£E) 760m ($136m, €101m).


In July 2008, Addcomp Holland acquired the Priex resins business from Solvay.


In March 2008, Solvay completed the sale of its US-based polypropylene (PP) compounds unit, SEP Engineered Polymers, to LyondellBasell Industries. Financial details were not disclosed. The deal was first announced in November 2007.


In January 2008, Solvay confirmed the sale of its caprolactone business to Perstorp, following approval by the European Commission (EC). The transaction was first announced in October 2007.
Solvay is organised into:




Speciality chemicals include fluorinated products, ultra-pure barium and strontium carbonates. Solvay claims it is one of the world leaders in advanced functional materials. Essentials include soda ash and caustic soda.




Solvay claims to be among the world leaders in fluorinated polymers and other speciality polymers. Its product range includes fuel systems (Inergy), medical films, veneer films and swimming pool lining speciality products along with Pipe life (pipes and fittings) and calendared film essentials.

Solvay Strategy & Financial Highlights

The “change strategy” that was first launched in 1998 focused on two major elements: strengthening the company’s leadership in all of its activities and accelerating the development of the pharmaceuticals sector and its specialties products. These objectives are said to have been met and the company will now strategically focus on the following three areas: growth in pharmaceuticals, chemicals and selected plastic areas; innovation; and increasing its presence in Asia, the Americas and Eastern Europe. (Edited from annual report and company website). ICIS also provides you with key financial data listed in table form. More about Solvay Strategy & Financial Highlights


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