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Yule Catto is said to be one of Europe’s leading speciality chemical companies. It has around 2,093 employees, sales of around £543m (2009) and headquarters based at Harlow, Essex, England.  The company is listed on the London Stock Exchange.


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Yule Catto & Company was founded in 1863 by Andrew Yule and was known as Andrew Yule & Company in Calcutta, India. It changed its name in 1919 to Yule Catto and by 1968 the company had relocated to England, UK


The company operates in three main areas: Polymer Chemicals, Pharma Chemicals, and Impact Chemicals.


Company movements


Please see Yule Catto to acquire emulsion polymer producer PolymerLatex On ICIS news.


Polymer Chemicals


Polymer Chemicals is a major supplier of water based polymers and synthetic latices to the surface coatings, paper, adhesives and textile industries.


Its major activity is the manufacture of aqueous dispersions and synthetic latices which form one of Yule Catto's speciality chemicals product portfolios. Yule Catto also offers polymer technology and the manufacturing of polymer dispersions and related products to targeted sectors around the world.
Core products manufactured by Yule Catto include emulsions, SBR latices, industrial adhesives, polyvinyl alcohol, liquid polybutadiene, alkyd and polyester resins and prevulcanised natural latex. These products are essential raw materials for several industries including paper, carpets, surface coatings, plastics and textiles.


Manufacturing facilities are located at sites throughout Europe, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and South Africa.


Yule Catto claims to have a strong position in the manufacture of emulsions for use in technically demanding water-based paints. These products represent one of the key activities for group companies in Malaysia, UK, South Africa, the Middle East and Belgium.


Increasing environmental demands have provided opportunities in the water-based industrial adhesives market which now forms an important and growing sector for Yule Catto. In Malaysia, its subsidiary Revertex Fine Waters is a manufacturer of water-based adhesives, and Synthomer has recently developed into an important force in the European market.


Pharma Chemicals


Pharma Chemicals division manufactures generic and ethical pharmaceutical actives, pharmaceutical intermediates and a range of fine chemicals for use in flavours and fragrances.


Its operating company Uquifa has seen growth in its product capabilities since the mid 1990s. Ideally placed to capitalise on the increase in the worldwide market for generic pharmaceuticals, Uquifa is now a ‘major player’ in the pharmaceutical sector through the establishment of close partnerships with many of the world's leading pharmaceutical companies to manufacture ethical pharmaceuticals, actives and intermediates.


Projects and product development are managed from Uquifa’s headquarters based in Barcelona with manufacture located at sites in Spain, Mexico and Italy. It is equipped with the complete range of facilities from laboratory through to pilot plant to extensive full-scale production capabilities.


Yule Catto entered the flavours and fragrance market in 1994 with the acquisition of Oxford Chemicals, which was complemented in 1996 by the addition of PFW Aroma Chemicals. Located in UK and the Netherlands, the companies supply speciality synthetic aroma and fragrance chemicals to a global market. Customers include the major flavour and fragrance companies as well as manufacturers of household products.


Impact Chemicals


Companies under the Impact Chemicals banner are focused upon sustaining niche market positions by supplying a wide range of speciality chemicals including colourants and metal salts.


Colourants are a major focus of activity including the manufacture of pigments and intermediate products.


Its investment in India has extended its range of photographic products whilst product innovation has created market leadership in the photochromic sector.

Yule Catto Strategy & Financial Highlights

Yule Catto will focus on its expansion plans in Asia where it expanded capacity at its Kluang, Malaysia, synthetic latex plant. Yule Catto believes that the large and developing market in China offers many exciting business opportunities, both as a new outlet for its products and as a source of low cost raw materials for use in its manufacturing processes. (Edited from annual report and company website). ICIS also provides you with key financial data listed in table form. More about Yule Catto Strategy & Financial Highlights


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