Stay ahead of price movements in the CIS region

ICIS-MRC price reports give you access to the latest, most trusted market intelligence, enabling you to make strategic decisions regarding the CIS and global markets.

Combining MRC’s local knowledge with ICIS’ expertise in European and Asian markets, our joint polymer reports provide detailed commentary and price history for CIS and global markets, price and market commentary on European and Asian markets as well as related news from local and international markets.

The ICIS-MRC polymer offering includes:

  • Polyethylene – LDPE, LLDPE and HDPE
  • Polyvinyl Chloride – PVC-S and PVC-E
  • Polystyrene – HIPs, GPPS, EPS and ABS
  • Polypropylene – PP-homo, PP-random and PP-block

Comprehensive, in-depth price assessments

Reports are available in both English and Russian with pricing information and analysis generated throughout the week, based on intelligence collected from producers, distributors, traders and end-users of polymers, among other sources.

Each report includes:

  • Coverage on Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan as well as comprehensive price commentary for Europe and Asia
  • Weekly domestic and import price assessments with key information on market dynamics including supply/demand, imports/exports, plant closures and production outages.
  • Market news
  • 12 month price history for Russia and Ukraine


How our price reports can help you.


What our customers say about the reports

“As before, the reports provided by your company are rather useful and reflect the overall market dynamics ”
Alexey Stadnik
Conflex Spb Ltd

“I think that the information provided in the ICIS-MRC reports can be trusted”
Denis Yangirov
Gazprom Neftekhim Salavat

“This is the best analysis I have seen in 10 years of work in conversion of plastics. ”
Alexey Fomtsov
Masterbatch SV