Grow your business relationships and opportunities in China

ICIS consulting can provide your organisation with the insight, intelligence and data needed to enter and grow your business in China.

We can help you ascertain a clear view on the short and long-term supply and demand picture in the chemicals, energy, iron & steel, non-ferrous metals and paper and pulp markets in China.

Are you a commodity producer, consumer, trader or logistics provider? Or from an investment bank, financial exchange, or private equity or hedge fund? Do you need quick, concise insight, or full, comprehensive studies? Whatever your needs, ICIS consulting can assist you in these key areas:


  • Customised Trend Analysis and Market Research
    Helping you stay ahead in China’s constantly evolving market
  • Market Entry: Feasibility and Strategic Analysis
    Enabling your organisation to make informed decisions and assess viability
  • Supplier Analysis and Sourcing
    Ensuring a successful and long term partnership for you in China
  • M&A, Commercial Due Diligence and Expansion Strategies
    To help your business enjoy an optimum return on investment
  • Distribution Advice
    Helping you make sense of China’s complex distribution systems and plan your own distribution channel
  • Restructuring, Repositioning & Performance Benchmarking
    Assisting you to realign your business KPIs, structure and process to successfully compete in China

What some of our customers say about working with ICIS consultants?

“ICIS consultants undertook a sourcing study for our company, which helped us identify potential suppliers for a new plant in Mongolia, and developed our logistics strategy. I was impressed by the quality of their work, commitment to the project and level of professionalism. ”
Zolbayar Khumbagai, Project Manager, Energy Resources, Ulan Bator, Mongolia

“The market study undertaken by ICIS consultants helped us understand our target market extensively. Its broad experience in tracing the products along the industry chain and extensive coverage of market players made this consulting project an invaluable resource and reference for our market strategy and practice.”
Lei Dong, Project Investment Manager, Performance Chemicals Business Dept., SK Global Chemical, Seoul, South Korea

“The market study carried out by ICIS consultants helped us to understand the target market segment situation and changes. It’s supportive for us to make decision on business strategy and relative actions.”
Jing Huang, Project Manager, Shell (China) Limited, Beijing, China

View presentations we have completed for other clients and verify the quality of our work:

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