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ICIS has a dedicated team of  reporters and analysts covering all the latest news in Latin America’s chemical and energy markets.

Specialized content on the region includes reports focused on caustic soda, PET and PVC markets, as well as the Mexico Energy Report, the first report focused exclusively on the opportunities emerging in Mexico’s gas and power markets.

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 Latin America Coverage Team

Ron Coifman

Senior Editor

Ronald Coifman is a Senior Editor at ICIS. He can be reached at Ronald.Coifman@icis.com

Al Greenwood

Deputy Editor

Al Greenwood is a Deputy Editor at ICIS. He can be reached at Al.Greenwood@icis.com

James Fowler

News Editor

James Fowler is a News Editor at ICIS. He can be reached at James.Fowler@icis.com

Andrew Guy

Market Editor

Andrew Guy is a Market Editor at ICIS. He can be reached at Andrew.Guy@icis.com

Marianela Toledo

Market Editor

Marianela Toledo is a Market Editor at ICIS. She can be reached at Marianela.Toledo@icis.com

Leela Landress

Senior Editor

Leela Landress is a Senior Editor at ICIS. She can be reached at Leela.Landress@icis.com

ICIS Webinar: Mexico's Natural Gas Infrastructure

Mexico’s natural gas demand has soared over the past few years, and this demand is set to continue growing thanks to the rapid expansion of the country’s natural gas transport system. Mexican gas consumption will increasingly have an impact on markets in the southern US; imports from the US have tripled over the past five years and could double again before the end of the decade, according to some predictions.

In this webinar, James Fowler, editor of the ICIS Mexico Energy Report, gives an overview of the Mexican natural gas market, outlining the key infrastructure expansion projects currently being developed and the demand fundamentals driving the country’s rapid gasification.

Access the presentation and slides»

Webinar: Latin American PET: outlook for the remainder of 2015

This webinar will examine the Latin American polyethylene terephthalate (PET) market conditions, tracking back to the start of 2015 and looking ahead through 2016.

Access the presentation and slides now »

Webinar: Looking Forward; The impact of biodiesel and glycerine from Latin America for the global markets

In this webinar, ICIS Senior Editor Leela Landress de Perez will examine the state of the Latin American and U.S. biodiesel and glycerine markets and discuss how key drivers and recent developments will shape the market through the end of the year and into 2016.

Access the presentation and slides now »

Fundamentals: Spanish power risk premium increases as hydro recovery halts, imports spike

...is for stocks to remain unseasonably low with only limited recovery out to at least 6 April, according to forecasts from Spanish meteorologists El Tiempo.... Tue, 28 Mar 2017

Russia’s PhosAgro to focus on new ammonia, urea production in 2017

...At the moment, Metachem has an annual production of 100,000 tonnes of NPK. The main exporting country is Brazil where the NPKs are used for the soybeans... Mon, 27 Mar 2017

AFPM '17: US PVC market now questioning price direction

...Latin America is spotted with economic problems and resurgent political unrest and uncertainty, at least in Brazil and Argentina and most acutely in Venezuela.... Sun, 26 Mar 2017

US group files antidumping petition on Argentine, Indonesian biodiesel

...US group files antidumping petition on Argentine, Indonesian biodiesel. Leela Landress de Perez. EL PASO, Texas (ICIS)--The US National Biodiesel Board... Thu, 23 Mar 2017