ICIS Partners

ICIS data is also available via a variety of third party vendors that we have partnered with to ensure that our customers receive the market intelligence they need through their preferred systems. The information is provided via their ETRM (Energy Trading and Risk Management ) functionality. You can view a full list of commodities available for energy and chemicals markets.


DataGenic is the leading global provider of on-premise and in-cloud Smart Commodity Data Management software, delivering intelligent analytics, real-time data content and proven business value. The innovative solutions include a data-agnostic multi-commodity data management platform, visual mapping and management of business processes, extensive and extensible data quality management, unlimited forward curves construction and an intelligent decision framework.

DataGenic customers include energy, metals, minerals, chemicals, agriculture, shipping and food and beverage. DataGenic operates in Europe, Asia and the Americas.


GlobalView is a leading provider of data management solutions for the energy and commodity markets.

GlobalView’s MarketView solution aggregates mission-critical real-time, historical, and internal proprietary market data into a single platform for use on an enterprise-wide basis.

GlobalView provides both front and back office solutions and offers one of the only SaaS-based solutions in the market, delivering unprecedented levels of portability and accessibility to customers while working in the office, at home, or on the road traveling.

With offices in Chicago, Houston, London, and Singapore, GlobalView provides prompt and comprehensive support to customers around the world.

Interactive Data

Interactive Data is one of the largest market data vendors serving the trading, brokerage and analyst community in energy and commodities through its FutureSource® platform.

FutureSource is a preferred global market data and analytics platform for market professionals who need to make more informed buying and selling decisions. It incorporates cutting-edge functionality and tools designed to help traders, brokers and analysts react quicker and make better decisions. FutureSource offers global asset class coverage, and it delivers real-time, historical and third party market data for energy, commodities, futures, options, foreign exchange, fixed income and equities, as well as derivatives based on the underlying asset classes. And it is supported by Interactive Data’s state-of-the-art network, which can provide global exchange connectivity and a broad array of content to our clients.


Morningstar Commodity Data is a leading provider of data, analytics and research, providing its customers with data management solutions and actionable information in the energy, commodities and financial sectors. Morningstar’s clients are among the world's largest energy concerns, utilities, hedge funds, mutual funds, and banks.

Morningstar offers a world-class data warehouse which gathers and distributes data from over 200 different sources in the power, oil, gas, commodities, equities, futures and weather markets. Sources include all the major exchanges, the electricity system operators (ISOs), price providers, major commodity brokers, weather vendors, and other key data services.

In addition to gathering, processing, checking, and distributing more than 500 million data records every month, Morningstar provides data management tools that quickly store and serve up the data. Clients have access to high power research tools for analysing, back-testing and forecasting the markets.

SunGard (FIS Global)

SunGard’s MarketMap front-to-back market data solutions provide global multi-asset class market data terminal applications, data feeds, customizable web components and historical databases, managed data and analytics to financial institutions, energy and commodities firms.

Market data is sourced and delivered through the SunGard Global Network and enriched by best of breed third party sources. MarketMap provides a full breadth of decision-support information for trading, market analysis, research, risk management, portfolio management and asset management.

Through its flexible data delivery mechanisms, MarketMap’s solutions and managed data offerings can either be hosted in SunGard datacenters or deployed on-premise for managing, distributing and displaying market data. Highly scalable and cost effective technology, sophisticated usage reports help organizations monitor and control data costs in real-time. MarketMap integrates seamlessly with many other SunGard solutions.

Thomson Reuters

Thomson Reuters is the world's leading source of intelligent information that commodities professionals rely on. Our services provide clients with a complete workflow solution from price discovery, analysis and trade.

With an unrivalled network of specialist reporters we offer truly relevant, accurate and timely news, forward-looking market analysis and research, exclusive fundamentals, along with all the tools and data needed to succeed in the global commodities market.

ZE Power

ZE is an experienced software and strategic consulting firm that combines energy industry expertise with advanced software development capability. The company possesses deep industry knowledge and comprehensive operational experience.

ZE is the developer of ZEMA Suite, a sophisticated Enterprise Data Management and Analysis solution built to meet the specific challenges of energy and commodity market participants. ZEMA replaces fragmented data collection and analysis processes with a sophisticated, unified and automated data management system.

Each ZEMA component can perform as an independent product; this means greater flexibility when integrating ZEMA into your organization. ZEMA is easy to use and backed by our support team around the clock.

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