Understanding the bigger picture – Get a commercial edge with ICIS training & conferences

ICIS training & conferences equip you with the insight you need to gain a competitive advantage in the chemicals, energy and fertilizers commodity markets. Our worldwide training & events courses cover the key concepts and fundamentals driving the global commodity markets of petrochemicals, base oils and fertilizers. ICIS training & eventsare designed to help business professionals increase their knowledge of these business channels and understand the bigger picture.

ICIS training

ICIS training courses explain the key fundamentals and dynamics that drive the global petrochemical, feedstock, base oils and fertilizer markets. Our training team of industry experts deliver cost and time-effective seminars that help you increase your knowledge of these markets and gain the insight and the know-how you need to operate effectively in these markets. With courses held around the world, ICIS training covers the following areas:

  • Petrochemicals
  • Oil refining and base oils
  • Fertilizers
  • Corporate & bespoke courses

ICIS conferences

Helping you to stay on top of the key challenges facing your industry today, ICIS organises a range of global conferences which offer you the chance to hear from key industry leaders, learn about the latest innovations and developments as well as network with your industry colleagues. ICIS conferences are held in locations around the globe and cover the following areas:

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