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LNG Webinar

Time: 17:00 SGT/GMT +8 hours (live webcast)

You are invited to join our free webinar: LNG global spot market analysis 2012 – 2014 on 28th November.

The short-term LNG markets have experienced dramatic shifts towards Asia since 2011 and have reached levels of liquidity not seen before. South America has challenged Asia for spot volume demand and flexible volume availability has reduced. With the production outlook set to tighten in 2014, market participants are facing a number of challenges.  
Join us at the ICIS webinar and you will: 
  • Gain insight into the factors which have determined price dynamics in spot LNG markets over the past three years.
  • Learn about the differing contractual mechanisms currently active in short-term LNG markets.
  • Find out more about the market conditions for winter 2013/14 and beyond.
Speaker: Simon Ellis leads ICIS research into short-term LNG trade. He contributed to the development of the East Asia Index (EAX), a daily assessment of East Asian spot prices, on which the first exchange-cleared LNG swap traded in July 2012. Prior to this, Simon edited ICIS Global LNG Markets, the first publication to produce a weekly price assessment of Japanese spot LNG prices in 2008. Simon has also covered project finance in the energy sector. 

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Key topics
Procurement patterns

Price dynamics

Market dynamics after Fukushima

Production performance

LNG market outlook
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