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ICIS is the global provider of highly valued and trusted news, analysis and data for the chemical and petrochemical Industry.

Trusted ICIS

Our audiences subscribe to data from us in all formats, from printed media to digital solutions. We offer a truly global reach and we are often used as the benchmark supplier of data and analytics.

The trust and confidence the chemical and petrochemical industry has in ICIS is borne out by the fact that ICIS is the preferred publisher in print and digital for all the major association events around the world. Such as EPCA, GPCA, AFPM, APIC, APLA, ASC, NACD, FECC, SOCMA and ACC…

We're in the business of providing high-level advice and consultancy to leading chemical companies. They expect thought leadership from us – and that makes ICIS Chemical Business required reading in our office. We get a comprehensive overview of all the key developments that matter most – along with the informed opinion and in-depth analysis to make sense of them...

Kelly Howard, Executive Vice President, ABI, USA

Audience reach & brand association

As a news, data and analysis supplier to the chemical and petrochemical industry ICIS publishes a weekly magazine ICIS Chemical Business. Our subscribers need to know the trends, industry data and feature analysis behind the pricing reports they subscribe to and ICIS Chemical Business gives them this weekly.

Our content is written for CEOs, directors, senior managers and high level executives: over 80% of ICIS Chemical Business readers are at managerial level or above and are likely to have purchasing responsibility within their organisation.

As a highly trusted supplier of valued content to the industry the ICIS Custom Publishing editorial team has a proven track record of working with organisations to deliver a marketing and branding message to our global audiences. Please view our case studies to see some of our latest work for major clients.

ICIS Custom Publishing has the flexibility to provide content about chemical markets around the world, with over 500 staff writers we are equipped to bring your message to a global chemical audience.

I very much appreciate ICIS Chemical Business – it brings in-depth analysis of important issues in the chemical markets. In today’s world, we all drown in information but find it hard to get the right facts and the complete picture. Your publication and website are very helpful to managers at all levels in the chemical industry.

Alfred Hackenberger, President, BASF Ludwigshafen, Germany

Custom publishing

ICIS customised editorial publications provide in-depth, targeted communication and includes distribution to our unrivalled audience of senior chemical executives and decision makers.

These are bespoke publications and websites that are produced by our Custom Publishing team, leveraging our global network of editors, industry expertise. These custom editorial publications include all aspects of production, marketing and distribution.

See examples of ICIS Custom Publishing in our case studies section.