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Does your boss listen to you?

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By John Richardson on 28-Jul-2008

Perfect subject if you’ve got the post-weekend blues….

A very irate and tired and emotional chemicals trader was moaning last week about the imposition of a new knowledge-management system by his company.

“Our bosses never listen to us and they assume that if they come with a new software solution that we have had no role in developing we will just do as we are told and use it. The system just doesn’t work – it’s totally inappropriate for our business. It makes people less likely to share rather than more likely. It takes time away from our core job roles, is inefficient and is slow but nobody can say anything because it was the top boss’s idea who sold it the board. His career is riding on it.”

Let me know if your boss listens to you – in confidence, of course, in this world of precarious job security.

And have a listen to this short video from David Gurteen that sums this up beautifully. It’s the first one in a series of six (all worth listening to) and entitled “How do you make people share?”

David spent 30 years working high tech industries and is now an independent knowledge educator and coach.