“Reports of my death……
29th August 2008 by

Shell Chemicals, coal gasification, carbon capture and storage, ethane shortage, reverse globalisati...

Can I have those coconuts, please?
27th August 2008 by

Winston Churchill, Joseph Kennedy, David Strahan,The Last Oil Shock, New Scientist, Google, YouTube,...

Liveris gets liverish on energy
26th August 2008 by

Andrew Liveris, Dow Chemical, Donald Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney, corn-based ethanol, hydrogen fuel cells,...

“There must be some way out of here….”
25th August 2008 by

Peak Oil, Jimi Hendrix, Ben Bernanke, Federal Reserve, Goldman Sachs, Alberta Tar Sands, resource na...

The danger of bogus science
22nd August 2008 by

climate change, IPCC, New Scientist, Peak Oil, oil-supply crisis, oil prices, oceanic oscillations...

I’ve got ten of these
20th August 2008 by

Fischer Tropsch, BASF, Dow Chemical, The Hay Group, renumeration...

Even the goldfish will get it
19th August 2008 by

Tigers, flooding, Lehman Brothers, New Scientist, Guangdong, climate change, global warming, goldfis...

The river doesn’t just run black
17th August 2008 by

Billy Connolly, The Climate Group, harmonious society, Den Xiaoping, leftover venison, BP, Dow Chemi...

Filled Up With Faith
15th August 2008 by

divine intervention, gasoline, the power of prayer, upsize,...

Stop chewing on that now!!!
14th August 2008 by

deadly plastic toys, Ma June, BBC World Service, polluted rivers, poisoned water...

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