Fair dinkum, Bruce, Sheila etc
30th September 2008 by

Western Australia, holidays, Scarborough Beach,...

“Real” people start to suffer even more
30th September 2008 by

Bradford and Bingley, UK, auto industry, consumer spending, plastic packaging, financial meltdown...

Tainted food hits polymer sales
29th September 2008 by

Cadbury, China civil unrest, financial meltdown, Tainted food...

The big challenges
27th September 2008 by

As delegates gather for this year’s European Petrochemical Association meeting in the unreal w...

Crikey, did I eat that much?
25th September 2008 by

Pimco, Mohamed El-Erian, financial meltdown, financial rescue package, American Chemistry Council...

Even Middle East funding is under threat
24th September 2008 by

Dow Chemical, Ras Tanura, the deadly duo, Hank Paulson, Ben Bernanke, financial meltdown, financial ...

Historic polyolefin market collapse
23rd September 2008 by

polyolefin market collapse, financial meltdown, financial rescue package, oil-supply crisis,...

Did Paulson’s wife have to get up early?
22nd September 2008 by

Hank Paulson, Bruce Springsteen, Britain's Labour Party, socialism, financial meltdown, US financial...

Changing nature of demand
19th September 2008 by

green homes, the Economist, Peak Oil, speculators, changing demand growth...

Eggheads are annoying
18th September 2008 by

BASF, eggheads, integration benefits, McKinsey, counter-cyclical investment, Ciba Specialty Chemical...

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