What’s China’s real consumption growth?
16th September 2009 by

Source of picture: millermmccune.com How quickly is China shifting its economy away from exports tow...

“Steal a little and they throw you in jail…..
15th September 2009 by

Source of picture: rateyourmusic.com …steal a lot and they make you a King,” wrote the g...

Taking Back Control Of Crude Markets
14th September 2009 by

Goldman Sachs is talking about crude oil at $85 a barrel by the end of the year. Sound familiar? Not...

A New Series: It’s A Mad World
11th September 2009 by

Source of Picture: pupillageandhowtogetit.wordpress.com And now for something completely different. ...

West To Exert More Cost Pressures
11th September 2009 by

The US back-to-school buying season Source of Picture: theglobeandmail.com As regular readers will r...

Dalian Swings In Favour Of The Buyers
9th September 2009 by

Polyolefin producers doing RMB business in China were delighted when price increases on the Dalian C...

The more you look at the data…..
8th September 2009 by

Deep in the heart of the great wealth gap Source of picture: Blogmlive.com ….the more convinci...

Benzene the barometer?
4th September 2009 by

Source of picture: Wikipedia Because benzene has so many end-uses it’s widely seen as a pretty...

China petchem output up, textiles down
3rd September 2009 by

The Canton Trade Fair Source of picture: Blawg.lehman.com This interesting article from Bloomberg sa...

Benzene heads south – as predicted
2nd September 2009 by

Back from less-than-sunny Perth to discover that the prediction from my good friend and colleague Pa...

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