Polyolefin numbers look good
31st January 2011 by

By Malini Hariharan Pic source: www.brandft.co.uk The blog is in undertaking the difficult task of c...

How Can This Year Not Be A Let Down?
30th January 2011 by

    Ali Naimi, Saudi Arabia’s oil minister, suggests more oil supply could be o...

Looking West for support
27th January 2011 by

By Malini Hariharan As Asian markets head towards a quiet week, producers are probably hoping that d...

A Toxic Combination: Sentiment And Oil Prices
27th January 2011 by

By John Richardson Yesterday we suggested that demographic challenges in the West, the strain on res...

Edgy And Nervous CEOs In Deep Contemplation
26th January 2011 by

Davos 2011  Source of picture: eacci.net     By John Richardson THE edginess and nerv...

Petronas gets busy
24th January 2011 by

By Malini Hariharan How many projects is Petronas Chemical planning? Last week the blog had covered ...

India’s OPaL inches forward
23rd January 2011 by

By Malini Hariharan Regular readers of the blog will remember a November post that had highlighted d...

Polyolefin Producers Maintain Their Control
21st January 2011 by

Source of picture: Dallhouse University, Canada   By John Richardson THE incredibly smart way i...

A Repeat Of The 2008 Collapse On The Cards
20th January 2011 by

       “Only another thousand or so years to go…..”  ...

Crude firm but naphtha under pressure
19th January 2011 by

By Malini Hariharan Asian naphtha prices, which were expected to remain firm this quarter, have come...

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