China’s Labour Complications
29th June 2012 by

Source: Wang Feng, director of the Brookings-Tsinghua Center for Public Policy in Beijing, from an a...

US Chemicals Slowdown
28th June 2012 by

US PE contract pricesBy John Richardson THE American Chemistry Council’s Mid-Year Situation an...

China Jan-May PE Demand Declines
27th June 2012 by

By John Richardson THE chart above, from data provided by Global Trade Information Services, fu...

Chemicals In A Vicious Cycle
25th June 2012 by

    By John Richardson OIL prices could fall to as low as $35-40 a barrel or might slip no...

US Targets China VAT Rebates
24th June 2012 by

                 Mitt Rom...

China Still Destocking
21st June 2012 by

  By John Richardson A NEW report from HSBC supports our argument that China’s synthetic ...

Northeast Asia PE Weakest Margins
20th June 2012 by

  Source: ICIS pricing Weekly Asian PE Margin Report   By John Richardson The slide above ...

US Polyethylene Targets China
19th June 2012 by

  By John Richardson SIGNIFICANT volumes of US polyethylene (PE) are heading to China as the St...

Greek Election Results Change Nothing
18th June 2012 by

By John Richardson HOW long will the relief rally last in oil and equity markets following the Greek...

Polyolefins And Euro 2012
14th June 2012 by

  By John Richardson ASIAN polyolefin traders have little else to do apart from betting on the ...

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