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Oil Prices: Ignore Human Nature At Your Peril

By John Richardson JUST four months after the blog first moved to Asia, we got the shock of our lives: The Asian Financial Crisis. We were bewildered and didn’t know what to think, but fortunately, perhaps, there wasn’t much of an Internet in those days. So we had smaller mountains of news and analysis to […]

China: The Future Winners And Losers

By John Richardson CONVENTIONAL analysis, which assumes that the world of the last six years will be the world of the next six years, is failing. One of the most  obvious examples of this is China, where one-dimensional, lack-of-depth conventional thinking still maintains that the rise of the country’s “middle classes” will result in a […]

As Easy Money Ends, Time To Unblock The Plughole

By John Richardson YOU cannot fix a blocked plughole by pouring in more water. This is the core message of this very important FT Alphaville blog post, which tells us that: While Western central banks have done their best to stimulate new credit creation, a lack of good-enough returns from the real economy means that […]

Oil Prices at $50 or $150 In 2015? Take Your Pick

By John Richardson REAL price discovery is finally returning to oil markets after years of incredibly harmful central bank stimulus which put the market largely in the hands of the speculators. But now actual supply of and demand for oil suddenly matter again as central bank stimulus is withdrawn in the US and in China. […]

China’s Bogus Export Boom

By John Richardson CHINA’S strong export growth in July and August is widely viewed as fantastic compensation for weaker growth at home. It also viewed as a sign that the global economy has perhaps, turned a corner, But now it looks as if a substantial proportion of this export boom was, in fact, bogus. Here […]

Oil Markets: The Failure Of Accepted Wisdom

By John Richardson THE illusion of a strong global economy has been created by central bank stimulus – via the Fed and, much more importantly, via China. And the illusion of a strong global economy was  accompanied by the “illusion of scarcity” in crude oil, when, in fact, inventories have been high for years as […]

China: A Deliberate “Snowball Effect”

By John Richardson EARLIER this week we answered this question – “How bad will it get in China before it gets good?” – in this blog post and a follow-up post that looked at some the immense, long-term uncertainties. Now it is the turn of the other two questions, posed by a senior chemicals industry […]

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