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Asian Chemical Connections

China Restructures The Global Petchems Business

By John Richardson This chart should truly take your breath away as it shows that: China’s purified terephthalic acid (PTA) exports fell from 2.5m tonnes in January-November 2013 to just over a million tonnes for the same period this year. That is a collapse of around 60%. Meanwhile, exports surged – again on the same […]

Creating Sustainable Chemicals Growth In 2015

By John Richardson AS just about everyone, including me, obsesses about the more than 40% collapse in oil prices and what it means for the chemicals industry, here is another statistic for you: 58,000 newborns die in India every year because they come into this dysfunctional world with bacterial infections resistant to antibiotics. The root […]

China Polyethylene: Do Not Assume January Restocking

By John Richardson THERE is a lingering, and, I think, potentially damaging belief out there that this is just a particularly bad oil-driven destocking process and that very soon, China’s buyers will pretty much flood back into the polyethylene (PE) market. In emails and telephone calls this week, most of the market participants I spoke […]

So Much For The Bonus From Cheaper Oil

By John Richardson THE big turning point in Asian petrochemicals markets can be traced back to around the end of July for three big reasons: • It was broadly accepted from then onwards that China wasn’t going to change its policies. There would be no “blinking” via a big, old-style economic stimulus package. • The […]

Europe Needs A New “Marshall Plan”

By John Richardson IT isn’t working. Surely, Europe’s policymakers must realise this? The trouble is that I worry they still don’t get it, otherwise there would not be plans to print more money in Europe. Resorting to extra quantitative easing isn’t going to rescue Europe’s “lost generation”. More of the wrong kind of European economic […]

Policymakers Have Failed The World

By John Richardson WHEN the economic, social and political history of 2008-2014 ends up being written, there are two groups of people who are going to end up bearing a lot  of the blame for  the new global financial crisis. It is the people who run the Fed and those who ran China’s government until […]

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