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Asian Chemical Connections

BASF’s Kurt Bock Underlines The Major Changes In China

By John Richardson BASF CEO Kurt Bock has underlined some of the major shifts in the Chinese economy that I have been flagging-up for the last three years. He acknowledged, during a two-day investor event to mark the German chemicals giant’s 150th anniversary, that China’s GDP 2015 growth would likely be below  the official estimate And he also […]

Global Chemicals Trade And Swimming Naked

By John Richardson WHAT if your understanding of how the chemicals industry works is no longer valid? This was a theme I covered on Monday when I talked about how the future winners will be those who first of all will be prepared to say, “Look, I was wrong about China”. The next step for […]

Groundhog Day: More Bad China Data Prompts Stimulus Talk

By John Richardson MORE stimulus is on the way, is the consensus view of analysts following yesterday’s release of another disappointing China Purchasing Manager’s Index (PMI) – the Caixn/Markit preliminary PMI for September, which was at its lowest level since March 2009. This again feels like the film Groundhog Day, where the character played by […]

Global Polyethylene: Short And Long-Term Outlook

By John Richardson THE above chart indicates just how good margins have been in the global polyethylene (PE) business so far this year. Taking just our assessments of integrated  high-density PE (HDPE) margins as an example, you can see that: US ethane-based HDPE producers were still way ahead of Europe and Asia up until 18 […]

China Webinar: Making Good Use Of Your Time

  Click here to register and join me for a free 30 September Webinar on how to reshape your China strategy. Here are some the reasons why you should attend…. IT IS one of those plays that is almost too painful to watch, but it is nevertheless disturbingly compelling: Samuel Beckett’s brilliant Waiting for Godot. […]

Narendra Modi: Revisiting The “Toilet Test”

By John Richardson LAST year I set India’s Prime Minister, Narendra Modi a “toilet test: Would he be able to fulfil his promise of giving every Indian access to a toilet by 2019? I should have actually qualified this question by pointing out that access wasn’t enough, but instead has to be accompanied by a […]

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