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Brexit: Global Short And Long Term Implications

By John Richardson IT IS clear that the Remain campaigners were not exaggerating the short term impact of a successful Leave vote during the EU referendum campaign. They have instead very probably underestimated the immediate effect on the UK and global economies. The problem is that the referendum result came at a time of what was […]

Brexit The Result Of Diminished Economic Opportunities

By John Richardson THE above diagram is just a sample of the complexity facing Britain, the rest of the EU and the global economy following last Thursday’s victory by the Leave campaign. And once you have studied the Credit Suisse diagram above, consider the following: Nicola Sturgeon, Scotland’s first minister, has suggested that the Scottish parliament could […]

US Economy: More Of The Same Will Not Work…

  By John Richardson US Federal Reserve chair Janet Yellen’s solution for the failed monetary stimulus policies of the last seven years? More of the same, which is a further signal to investors desperate for yield that they have little choice but to spend even more money on risky assets. Don’t blame the investors, by […]

China Reformers Regain The Upper Hand

By John Richardson THE above chart indicates that the reformers have regained influence in China: Whilst new loans from state-owned banks in May beat analysts’ expectations by a big distance, total social financing (TSF), which is the measure of all forms of new lending, was substantially down compared with the previous month. The reason for lower […]

China PP Import Decline Challenges Global Markets

By John Richardson THE latest data on China’s polypropylene (PP) imports should set alarm bells ringing in polyolefin company board rooms: China’s PP production was up by 14% in January-April 2016 versus the same four months last year, with imports falling by 20% on the same year-on-year basis. January-April imports in 2016 were at their […]

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