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New ICIS Study To Measure The Trump Effect

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By John Richardson on 12-Feb-2017


THE global economic and political landscape is in a state of flux and we face levels of uncertainty not seen for decades, as the three scenarios I outline above indicate. Politics is dominating Boardroom debate around the globe.

Will President Trump implement more of the game-changing policies touted in his campaign? Could 35% import tariffs propel us into a full-scale trade war?

What about Asia? How much longer can financial stimulus continue in China – or is the bubble about to burst? There are many questions to address.

ICIS and International eChem have come together to produce a new study that will assess the global and regional impact of different scenarios resulting from geo-political uncertainty. This will be published very soon,  and will include detailed analysis of the above three scenarios – along with three scenarios for China.

In the meantime, I am keen to hear your views now on how these major developments are affecting your business:

  • Which issues are at the top of your agenda and why?
  • What do you see as the major threats today? What opportunities do you foresee for your business?

I would be delighted to hear from you, and so please email me at john.richardson@icis.com