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Asian Chemical Connections

In One Simple Chart: The Risk For Petchems From Crude

By John Richardson Sometimes a simple chart is worth hundreds of words. A lot less than hundreds of words today, therefore, as you consider the above chart and these two key questions: If the global economy was that strong, and/or petrochemicals industry fundamentals as sound as the consensus view holds, why has there been such […]

Asian Naphtha Cracker Spreads To Fall By 50% In 2018

By John Richardson ASIAN naphtha cracker operators will see a 50% decline in average spreads, or differentials, between their raw-material costs and finished product prices in 2018 compared with last year, according to my forecasts in the above chart. This will be the result of a further steep rise in oil prices and increased polyethylene […]

China Debt Crisis: Out Of Fashion, But Could Still Happen

By John Richardson NO LONGER is the promotion of local government officials in China being solely measured by their success in hitting GDP growth targets. What is instead taking priority is how successful local authorities are in cleaning-up the environment. That’s the carrot. The stick of China’s “carrot and stick” approach to dealing with pollution […]

Struggling Polyethylene In 2018, Strong Profits Elsewhere

By John Richardson THERE will perhaps be two headline directions for the global chemicals and polymers industries in 2018: I believe that the global polyethylene (PE) market has a very good chance of moving from last year’s peak margins to levels of profitability below what is expected by most companies, investors and analysts. China’s ongoing […]

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