Chem engineers back with avengeance
28th January 2009 by

chemical engineers, financial meltdown, Nigel Davis, inventory management, H2 2009 recovery...

The dead cat has bounced. Now what?
21st January 2009 by

financial meltdown, LyondellBasell, pricing collapse, inventory management...

The demise of private equity
15th January 2009 by

private equity, Charles R Morris, Paul Krugman, the New York Times, Conscience Of A Liberal...

Any spare change, Mister?
9th January 2009 by

Financial Times, LyondellBasell, Federal Reserve, state ownership, Barack Obama, Us stimulus package...

It’s fun to be miserable….
2nd January 2009 by

LyondellBasell, Woody Allen, Dow Chemical, PIC, K-Dow, Kuwait, financial meltdown, carbon footprint,...

As this is the season of goodwill…..
22nd December 2008 by

debt forgiveness, rescheduling mortgages, Nail Ferguson, Financial Times, global property slump...

“Now, I have this great idea”….
22nd December 2008 by

Bernard Madoff, Ponzi Scheme, financial meltdown, parting of the red sea,...

The new frugal and greener consumer
19th December 2008 by

Trendspotting, green conscience, eco-buying, recycling, environmental footprint, cost saving, greed-...

How hopeless is your company?
18th December 2008 by

The blame game, financial meltdown, Eric Cantona, Leeds Utd, the end of life as we know it, Lucy Kel...

In search of corporate paradise
12th December 2008 by

Financial meltdown, Virgin Blue, the perfect boss, slow email replies, Brett Godfrey, the Australian...

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