Historic polyolefin market collapse
23rd September 2008 by

polyolefin market collapse, financial meltdown, financial rescue package, oil-supply crisis,...

Changing nature of demand
19th September 2008 by

green homes, the Economist, Peak Oil, speculators, changing demand growth...

Eggheads are annoying
18th September 2008 by

BASF, eggheads, integration benefits, McKinsey, counter-cyclical investment, Ciba Specialty Chemical...

History will repeat itself
17th September 2008 by

Peak Oil, carbon credits, carbon capture and storage, collaterised green obligations, property price...

Go on, stick your head in deeper
15th September 2008 by

Lehman Brothers, Great Depression, SUVs, ostriches, beer...

A drowning man will clutch onto anything
12th September 2008 by

Peak Oil, Deutsche Bank, gas pricing, coal-o-chemicals, coal gasification, PetroRabigh, Saudi Aramco...

Uncle Sam back from the dead?
10th September 2008 by

Shell Chemicals, oil price, McKinsey, shipping costs,...

What’s it like to be a millionaire?
8th September 2008 by

food poverty, Peak Oil, Asian Development Bank, World Bank, MMSA...

Do you ever get that sinking feeling?
2nd September 2008 by

polar bears, camels, New Scientist, climate change, light bulbs, camels, uptight neighbours, America...

Gustav points to a much bigger problem
1st September 2008 by

Gustav, Hana, US Gulf, Mexico, demand destrruction, demand relocation, Jeffrey Rubin, BP, CIBC World...

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