Uncle Karl is back in fashion
22nd October 2008 by

Karl Marx, The Miner's Strike, Margaret Thatcher, Thatcherism, capitalism, financial meltdown...

“Real” people start to suffer even more
30th September 2008 by

Bradford and Bingley, UK, auto industry, consumer spending, plastic packaging, financial meltdown...

The big challenges
27th September 2008 by

As delegates gather for this year’s European Petrochemical Association meeting in the unreal w...

Eggheads are annoying
18th September 2008 by

BASF, eggheads, integration benefits, McKinsey, counter-cyclical investment, Ciba Specialty Chemical...

The world is round after all
16th September 2008 by

Thomas Friedman, globalisation, global warming, Peak Oil, Hot, Flat and Crowded, climate change, SAB...

Uncle Sam back from the dead?
10th September 2008 by

Shell Chemicals, oil price, McKinsey, shipping costs,...

The river doesn’t just run black
17th August 2008 by

Billy Connolly, The Climate Group, harmonious society, Den Xiaoping, leftover venison, BP, Dow Chemi...

The West can still be the best
6th August 2008 by

It is very easy assume that Asia ex-Japan will eventually catch up with the West and become as good ...

The CO2 blame game
4th August 2008 by

In my previous post, I talked about the collapse of the Doha round of trade negotiations and how thi...

Why the Doha failure is bad
2nd August 2008 by

The failure, and quite possibly the death, of the Doha round of trade negotiations earlier this week...

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