Plastic Waste Crisis: How Polymer Company Early Adopters Can Win
21st February 2018 by

Being an “early adopter” is never easy because of cynicism and scepticism. But what choice do we...

How To Replace Billions Of Dollars Of Polymer Sales Lost To New Recycling Rules
29th January 2018 by

By John Richardson THE EU’s requirement that all plastics packaging must be recyclable by 2030 wil...

How US Could Be Squeezed Out Of Europe’s Polyethylene Market
24th November 2017 by

By John Richardson EARLIER this year a commonly held view was that globalisation would slip into rev...

Benefits, Risks Of Petronas/Aramco Deals Serving As Template
3rd November 2017 by

By John Richardson THE PETRONAS and Saudi Aramco joint ventures in the RAPID refining-to-petrochemic...

Soft Brexit, Hard Brexit, No Brexit, A Labour Govt – Take Your Pick
12th June 2017 by

By John Richardson IT was of course a gamble that backfired hugely. The UK’s General Election woul...

China Becomes Dominant Superpower: Implications For Petchems
17th November 2016 by

  By John Richardson CHINA can become the world’s No1 Superpower, replacing the US, if it can ris...

What Exclusion From China’s One Belt, One Road Looks Like
26th September 2016 by

By John Richardson IS the whole world really turning again free trade? No, if you consider the poten...

Polyethylene: A World Turned Upside Down
21st September 2016 by

By John Richardson THE recent history of polyethylene (PE) shows a global competitive landscape ver...

As Global Free Trade Unwinds, Where You Have Built Becomes Critical
12th August 2016 by

By John Richardson THE assumption that global free trade will continue to grow has successfully und...

The Risks Ahead For Polyethylene
12th February 2016 by

By John Richardson TOO many people will look at the chart on the left and think, “Crisis? What cri...

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