Asian Chemical Connections

Middle East, India, SEA petchems winners in new trading blocs
21st September 2018 by

By John Richardson JACK MA, the founder of Alibaba, said of the US/China trade war, “It’s going...

US/China trade war will escalate even if new tariffs are delayed
7th September 2018 by

By John Richardson BY LATER today we may or may not know whether President Trump will proceed with t...

US ethylene glycols: The Cost Of Exclusion From China
5th September 2018 by

By John Richardson IF THE US were unable to export ethylene glycols (EG) to China the economic logic...

Why China Will Rapidly Become Paraxylene Self-Sufficient
13th June 2018 by

By John Richardson WOW, what an opportunity. That might be your reaction to the two above charts. On...

Benefits, Risks Of Petronas/Aramco Deals Serving As Template
3rd November 2017 by

By John Richardson THE PETRONAS and Saudi Aramco joint ventures in the RAPID refining-to-petrochemic...

How China Will Help South Asia Maximise Its Demographic Dividend….
6th October 2017 by

….as the OBOR region, which includes South Asia, pushes towards complete petrochemicals self-s...

China To Now Raise Ethylene Capacity By 84% As Self-Sufficiency Drive Accelerates
4th October 2017 by

By John Richardson SINCE my last update on 18 September, our ICIS China team have discovered a furth...

China To Raise Ethylene Capacity By 71% In Major Self-Sufficiency Drive
18th September 2017 by

By John Richardson CHINA could raise its ethylene capacity by as much as 71% and its propylene capac...

Hurricane Harvey Economic Risks Increase As Cost Estimates Soar
1st September 2017 by

By John Richardson AGAIN, it’s the human cost that of course matters the most – and let’s hope...

China Plans 13 New Crackers In Move Towards PE Self-Sufficiency
16th June 2017 by

By John Richardson DETAILS are emerging of what could be as many as 13 new crackers in China that w...

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