Concerned about the Asean FTA? There’s not much you can do about it.
21st December 2009 by

The implementation of a zero-tariff regime in Asean from 1 Jauary 2010 has raised concerns among pol...

China Export Gains Raise Sustainability Fears
26th October 2009 by

  Source of picture:     CHINA is making export gains ...

Should Indonesia Add Capacity?
21st October 2009 by

      Source of picture:   WESTERNERS can often by unbelievably ...

Micro-management gone too far?
8th May 2009 by

micro-management, human resources, APIC, commodity chemicals, CEOs, credit control, financial meltdo...

How to make money in a downturn Part 1
9th February 2009 by

John Cusack, Kate Beckinsale, antidumping petitions, trade protection, living in cloud cuckoo land...

A drowning man will clutch onto anything
12th September 2008 by

Peak Oil, Deutsche Bank, gas pricing, coal-o-chemicals, coal gasification, PetroRabigh, Saudi Aramco...

What’s it like to be a millionaire?
8th September 2008 by

food poverty, Peak Oil, Asian Development Bank, World Bank, MMSA...

I’ve got ten of these
20th August 2008 by

Fischer Tropsch, BASF, Dow Chemical, The Hay Group, renumeration...

Here we go again – 1997 is back…..
22nd January 2008 by

I sincerely hope not, but all the signs are there because of: *A financial crisis which nobody again...

More Indonesian consolidation on the way?
10th December 2007 by

There are strong rumours circulating that the hopelessly fragmented Indonesian petrochemical industr...

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