Malaysia Reform Complacency And The Fed
20th September 2013 by

By John Richardson REFORM complacency could well be one of the harmful results for Asia ex-China of ...

The Hedgehog And The Fox
18th September 2013 by

By John Richardson Are there more hedgehogs in the chemicals industry than foxes? This thought came ...

Becoming A Chef In Indonesia
15th September 2013 by

An Italian restaurant in Jakarta   By John Richardson ELEVEN-year-old Nurafidah spends her morn...

China’s Balancing Act: Reforming Land Rights And Hukou
5th September 2013 by

Xi Jinping   By John Richardson THE good health of China’s economy and the future of the Comm...

Malaysia: Taking The Long View
29th August 2013 by

Source: Malaysia Petrochemicals Association   By John Richardson THE problems in Malaysia have ...

Without The Benefit Of Time
15th August 2013 by

                                     Victorian Britain (Source of picture: Wikime...

Politics, Politics And More Politics
18th July 2013 by

By John Richardson CHINA’s extraordinary economic growth is, of course, largely the result of stat...

3D Printing: The New Industrial Revolution
17th July 2013 by

By John Richardson MANUFACTURING via 3D printing could result in an industrial revolution as big as ...

It Is Just Too Difficult
20th June 2013 by

Smart bottles   By John Richardson THERE is a growing concern amongst some polyolefin industry ...

The 10th ICIS Innovation Awards
13th June 2013 by

The deadline of 3 July is closing in fast for entries to the 10th ICIS Innovation Awards, designed t...

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