China, Patronage And Innovation
21st March 2013 by

By John Richardson CHINA has to improve innovation if it is to avoid the middle-income trap. Some pe...

Less Bling, Please
12th March 2013 by

Source of picture:    By John Richardson CHINA’S industrial output has ...

Innovation: No More Time Left To Lose
11th March 2013 by

   Source of picture:    By John Richardson MY colleague Ni...

Creating Demand Through Better Healthcare
2nd January 2013 by

Source of picture: Rex Features   By John Richardson PETROCHEMICALS companies have traditionall...

US Manufacturing Exam Question
9th December 2012 by

A lot more than just the standard Model T.,,, Source of picture: cCSU Archv/Everett/Rex Features By ...

US Oil: Nothing Is Uncertain As Certainty
14th November 2012 by

By John Richardson ALL of yesterday’s excitement about the US overtaking Saudi Arabia and Russ...

The US Shale Gas Boom Will End
2nd November 2012 by

Don’t follow the herd…  By John Richardson ISN’T it amazing how we keep getti...

Dow and DuPont Make Major Job Cuts
25th October 2012 by

Dupont’s Ellen Kullman   By John Richardson Dow Chemical’s decision to cut 2,400 jo...

Dictating Chemicals Demand
6th July 2012 by

    By John Richardson SOME commodity chemicals companies still assume that, if they build...

Wen’s Last Reform Push
5th April 2012 by

By John Richardson Wen Jiabao has been at it again. His extraordinarily strong comments on Tuesday f...

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