Vital work to maintain petrochemicals supply for essential services must continue
26th March 2020 by

By John Richardson INDUSTRY associations around the world are lobbying governments about the importa...

Polyethylene: How to plan sensibly as we face threat of new Global Depression
25th March 2020 by

By John Richardson I SINCERELY want to help you guys. That’s what I am here for. To this end, here...

Coronavirus may take as much as two years to be brought under control
22nd March 2020 by

By John Richardson The only honest answer is that none of us know how events will turn out because o...

Big declines in Chinese polyethylene imports, a global recession and a financial crisis
13th March 2020 by

By John Richardson YOU MIGHT be hoping that sanity will be restored after the “most expensive spee...

Despite China returning to work, polyethylene growth prospects continue to decline
11th March 2020 by

By John Richardson ONE of the enduring false views out there is that China’s economy will entirely...

Sustained collapse in oil prices: Effect on petrochemicals and the global economy
9th March 2020 by

By John Richardson IT COULD be a game of chicken designed to pull Russia back to the negotiating tab...

Coronavirus: No recovery in petrochemicals likely until end-2020 and here are ten reasons why
6th March 2020 by

By John Richardson HERE IS your print-out-and-keep 10-point guide, summarising the key themes I’ve...

Coronavirus: China ethylene glycols demand could fall by 1.2m tonnes as imports also diminish
4th March 2020 by

By John Richardson IN GEORGE ORWELL’S magnificent parody of communism, Animal Farm, he writes; ...

Decline of 2.1m tonnes in 2020 global polypropylene demand now seems best possible outcome
2nd March 2020 by

By John Richardson EVERY DAY that goes by when China is not entirely back at work the economic damag...

Global polyethylene demand in 2020 could fall by 3.3m tonnes, cost curve analysis turned on its head
28th February 2020 by

By John Richardson NOTHING that’s happened over the last few days that should surprise anyone who ...

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