China Becomes Dominant Superpower: Implications For Petchems
17th November 2016 by

  By John Richardson CHINA can become the world’s No1 Superpower, replacing the US, if it can ris...

Trumponomics And A Global Recession
16th November 2016 by

By John Richardson FIRST of all there was no chance he would win the nomination. No chance at all. T...

What Exclusion From China’s One Belt, One Road Looks Like
26th September 2016 by

By John Richardson IS the whole world really turning again free trade? No, if you consider the poten...

China And A Breakdown In Free Trade: Scenarios For Petrochemicals
14th August 2016 by

By John Richardson MY blog post last Friday, on the threat to the petrochemicals industry of a retre...

The Hypnotic Allure Of Emerging Markets
15th September 2015 by

By John Richardson A GLEAMING new skyscraper in downturn Beijing, Bangkok, Mumbai, Jakarta or Kuala ...

Asia Polyethylene: Explaining The Past And Future
5th August 2015 by

By John Richardson TAKE a look at the above chart and ask yourself this question, “Why is it that ...

Supply Exceptionally Tight, But Real Demand Still Struggles
11th June 2015 by

By John Richardson WHAT a fantastic year it has so far been for margins, with the chart above showin...

Fed Policies Increase Emerging Market Poverty
6th November 2014 by

By John Richardson THERE are 2.8bn people – 40% of the world’s population – who live on $2-10 ...

Malaysia: All That Glitters Is Not Gold
2nd July 2014 by

By John Richardson ANYONE who visits Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia’s capital city, might well come away w...

China Reforms: The Global Implications
22nd May 2014 by

By John Richardson IT can feel logical to assume that the fundamentals of the petrochemicals busines...

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