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Missing the point

Great that my entry yesterday Work can be the death of you produced a response. But I think the commentator missed the point. Working long hours is not an issue for staff who are properly managed and motivated. The “presenteeism” of some work cultures, though, is surely a major source of concern for the welfare […]

Work can be the death of you

My dear old mother used to often say “what’s the world coming to?” as if life was constantly getting worse. But for South Korean workers – and for workers everywhere in Asia – expectations of employers have long been unreasonable. Tied into this is loyalty, “face”, pride and ridiculously long and often unproductive hours that […]

Does your boss listen to you?

Perfect subject if you’ve got the post-weekend blues…. A very irate and tired and emotional chemicals trader was moaning last week about the imposition of a new knowledge-management system by his company. “Our bosses never listen to us and they assume that if they come with a new software solution that we have had no […]

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