Waiting for the dead cat to bounce
17th December 2008 by

Free-falling felines, dead-count bound, chemical-market rebounds, financial meltdown...

He’s behind you…the evil banker
4th December 2008 by

bankers, financial meltdown, pantomime, hedging, feeble demand...

Inspired leaders needed – apply here
21st November 2008 by

Great leaders, financial meltdown, global recession, managing inventories, free alcohol...

I will wait for this Lego truck to hit S$100
19th November 2008 by

LyondellBasell, Volker Trautz, Lego, recycling, deflation, financial meltdown...

A drowning man will clutch onto anything
12th September 2008 by

Peak Oil, Deutsche Bank, gas pricing, coal-o-chemicals, coal gasification, PetroRabigh, Saudi Aramco...

Slaves to market frenzy
12th August 2008 by

James Burke, Connections, Google, Atlantic.com, oil prices, financial speculation, attention span...

The CO2 blame game
4th August 2008 by

In my previous post, I talked about the collapse of the Doha round of trade negotiations and how thi...

Market mind reading
31st July 2008 by

Regular readers of my blog might have seen last week’s post linking through to the New Scienti...

Crazy money breeds new thinking
24th July 2008 by

This article from The New Scientist suggests we might have to develop a whole new way of asssesing w...

It’s a whole new ball game
21st July 2008 by

First of all, apologies to readers for my complete neglect of this blog over the last six weeks. I c...

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