The CO2 blame game
4th August 2008 by

In my previous post, I talked about the collapse of the Doha round of trade negotiations and how thi...

Market mind reading
31st July 2008 by

Regular readers of my blog might have seen last week’s post linking through to the New Scienti...

Crazy money breeds new thinking
24th July 2008 by

This article from The New Scientist suggests we might have to develop a whole new way of asssesing w...

It’s a whole new ball game
21st July 2008 by

First of all, apologies to readers for my complete neglect of this blog over the last six weeks. I c...

The search for more basic petrochemicals
10th April 2008 by

Very interesting speech from Alan Kirkley, Vice President of Strategy and Portfolio for Shell Chemic...

History will surely repeat itself
8th April 2008 by

The mood at the recent NPRA International Petrochemical Conference in San Antonio, Texas, was mixed,...

Is the last margin grab over?
24th March 2008 by

Shortly after I wrote this article (see below) on the doom and gloom surrounding China polyolefins m...

China growth under severe threat
5th February 2008 by

I could easily be accused of ceaseless pessimism, but growth in China is moderating – regardle...

Here we go again – 1997 is back…..
22nd January 2008 by

I sincerely hope not, but all the signs are there because of: *A financial crisis which nobody again...

China coal to benzene threatens
20th January 2008 by

With naphtha prices so high, heavy aromatics and pygas feedstock for producing benzene are not only ...

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