China’s Polypropylene Market: The Right Questions You Simply Must Ask
20th November 2017 by

By John Richardson On the surface, the above chart represents very good news for exporters of polypr...

China’s War On Air Pollution Causes Major Chemicals Shortages
5th September 2017 by

By John Richardson CHINA is quite literally going to war against air pollution as tries to tackle a ...

China Moves Towards Commodity Grade PE Self-Sufficiency By 2025
22nd May 2017 by

By John Richardson THE argument I’ve been making for a couple of years now is that the history of ...

Propylene: How To Turn Oversupply To Your Advantage
3rd November 2015 by

The world has changed for good. Old ways of running petrochemicals businesses no longer work. Click ...

Spend Your Supply-Driven Profits On Managing Demand
14th June 2015 by

By John Richardson IT has been a fantastic few months for Asia’s naphtha cracker industry as the a...

The Emperor’s New Clothes: Time To Spot The Obvious
30th December 2014 by

By John Richardson IF enough of the right kind of people say something enough times then everybody s...

China Coal-To-Olefins “A Net Water Producer”
2nd October 2014 by

By John Richardson IT has become the accepted wisdom over the last few years that the coal-to-olefin...

China Excess Phenol Capacity A New Strategic Tool
17th September 2014 by

By John Richardson STANDARD Western cost-per-tonne analysis has never really been applied in China...

China: GDP And Forgetting What You Already Know
9th July 2014 by

By John Richardson THE blog has a terrible confession to make: We sometimes get it very badly wrong....

China Coal-To-Olefins: Water Not An Issue
7th July 2014 by

By John Richardson CONVENTIONAL wisdom has it that the water issue stands in the way of the growth o...

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