Asian Chemical Connections

China and M-E Delays To Offer More Market Support
29th October 2009 by

  As this updated table from my colleagues at CBI in China illustrates, cracker-complex delays ...

Should Indonesia Add Capacity?
21st October 2009 by

      Source of picture:   WESTERNERS can often by unbelievably ...

How ridiculous does ridiculous have to get?
21st October 2009 by

“YES, I HEAR YOU – I’M LISTENING….” Source of picture: New York Daily ...

GCC mood lifts despite worsening gas crisis
19th October 2009 by

THE MOOD seems to have become a little more upbeat in the Gulf Co-operation Council (GCC) region of ...

The Iranian investment struggle
16th October 2009 by

  Source of picture:   The political sensitivity surrounding Iran is so ...

Wearing blinkers is a job requirement
13th October 2009 by

“Take it from me, peripheral vision isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, especially if...

We are heading for $45 a barrel crude this year
29th September 2009 by

SWIMMING IN OIL?   Source of Picture:     The threat posed by Iran t...

How do Asian cracker operators compete?
21st August 2009 by

Source of Picture: Not an easy answer and not one much suited to a few paragraphs ...

The Philippines: Left With the Crumbs
20th August 2009 by

“Here’s your entire allocation for this month” Source of Picture: Adammakwright.wo...

What I Want to Know in H2 – Part One
4th August 2009 by

How will this one run? Source of Picture: In the 12 years I’ve been c...

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