Asian Chemical Connections

Tainted food hits polymer sales
29th September 2008 by

Cadbury, China civil unrest, financial meltdown, Tainted food...

Even Middle East funding is under threat
24th September 2008 by

Dow Chemical, Ras Tanura, the deadly duo, Hank Paulson, Ben Bernanke, financial meltdown, financial ...

Eggheads are annoying
18th September 2008 by

BASF, eggheads, integration benefits, McKinsey, counter-cyclical investment, Ciba Specialty Chemical...

A drowning man will clutch onto anything
12th September 2008 by

Peak Oil, Deutsche Bank, gas pricing, coal-o-chemicals, coal gasification, PetroRabigh, Saudi Aramco...

Uncle Sam back from the dead?
10th September 2008 by

Shell Chemicals, oil price, McKinsey, shipping costs,...

“Reports of my death……
29th August 2008 by

Shell Chemicals, coal gasification, carbon capture and storage, ethane shortage, reverse globalisati...

Liveris gets liverish on energy
26th August 2008 by

Andrew Liveris, Dow Chemical, Donald Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney, corn-based ethanol, hydrogen fuel cells,...

“There must be some way out of here….”
25th August 2008 by

Peak Oil, Jimi Hendrix, Ben Bernanke, Federal Reserve, Goldman Sachs, Alberta Tar Sands, resource na...

Japan’s corporate hero
11th August 2008 by

manga, Japanese conformism, losing face, Lost Decade...

Middle East and China to run C2s regardless….
23rd July 2008 by

….that’s the case – in the Middle East case because of advantaged feedstock and in...

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