Asian Chemical Connections

Life gets more complicated in the Middle East
15th May 2007 by

In the old days all you had to do was propose an ethane cracker with PE and MEG downstream and you w...

Dow fit with Reliance makes the most sense
27th April 2007 by

Reliance is building the world’s first cracker that will be entirely fed by off-gas from its h...

Oops a daisy, here we go again
29th March 2007 by

A boring topic to harp on about again I know, but this article from my colleague Nigel Davis from th...

Oh my goodness, when will it end?
21st March 2007 by

We heard about this rumour last year, but it’s emerged again – Reliance is now said to b...

Should we now discount Iran’s Olefins No 11, 12 and beyond?
23rd February 2007 by

The news that Iran is accelerating its uranium enrichment process brings the country closer to Unite...

Iran could stop exporting oil by 2015
22nd February 2007 by

Quota cheating, lack of investment in oil infrastructure and incredibly low domestic gasoline and ot...

Basell predicts tough times for polyolefins in 2009-10
14th February 2007 by

Paul Cherry of Basell gave an excellent paper at the recent ICIS Olefins Conference – Download...

Global Warming And The Impact On Ethylene
13th February 2007 by

Please read this excellent piece from my colleague Nigel Davis, who is editor of the Insight section...

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