The Middle East may set polyolefins pricing
22nd October 2007 by

This was the warning from Bob Bauman of Nexant ChemSystems at last week’s 25th Annual Petroche...

Another great year for Asian polyolefins but……
27th September 2007 by

……how long will it last is the inevitable question. Demand growth has been so strong so ...

Methanol – a Dickens of a good or bad tale
13th September 2007 by

Methanol producers have been enjoying the best of times, but to paraphrase good old Charles Dickens,...

The global credit crisis is going to last
20th August 2007 by

The collective sigh of relief was almost audible late last week when the Fed cut its discount rate &...

Construction crisis? What crisis? China leads the way
14th August 2007 by

As the Middle East struggles to find labour and raw material supply with contractors’ order bo...

The fallout for petrochemicals from Iraq
1st August 2007 by

As everyone focuses on when the next downturn might arrive, macro issues such as the implications of...

Is this the death of cycles?
28th May 2007 by

Quite possibly, yes, despite my instinctiive pessimism. Perhaps emerging markets such as China and I...

Life gets more complicated in the Middle East
15th May 2007 by

In the old days all you had to do was propose an ethane cracker with PE and MEG downstream and you w...

Dow fit with Reliance makes the most sense
27th April 2007 by

Reliance is building the world’s first cracker that will be entirely fed by off-gas from its h...

Oops a daisy, here we go again
29th March 2007 by

A boring topic to harp on about again I know, but this article from my colleague Nigel Davis from th...

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