Asian Chemical Connections

US Import Tariff Decision: Impact On Polyethylene And The Global Economy
2nd March 2018 by

By John Richardson THE PROSPECT of a US-China trade war has edged closer as a result of President Tr...

Climate Change, Extreme Weather: Implications For Chemicals Companies
11th September 2017 by

By John Richardson The greater frequency of extreme weather events presents a huge challenge for che...

US Polyethylene Industry: Scenarios For 2017-2020
31st May 2017 by

By John Richardson IT has been a remarkably strong few years for the US polyethylene (PE) business. ...

Global Deflation At Risk Of Returning On End Of China Commodities Bubble
3rd April 2017 by

By John Richardson THIS time last year it was deflation that seemed to be the problem for the global...

Southeast Asia: Confronting The Real Downside Potential
11th January 2017 by

By John Richardson SOUTHEAST ASIA’S (SEA) economies can be divided into two main categories. These...

Ageing Populations Threaten A Repeat Of The 1930s
8th January 2017 by

By John Richardson THIS is an era of the populist strongman, and also a woman if Marine Le Pen wins...

The Hypnotic Allure Of Emerging Markets
15th September 2015 by

By John Richardson A GLEAMING new skyscraper in downturn Beijing, Bangkok, Mumbai, Jakarta or Kuala ...

The Chemicals “Recovery”: Seeing Through The Flawed Logic
27th April 2015 by

By John Richardson AROUND 90% or more of the price movements in most chemicals and polymers are tied...

The World Is Turning Upside Down
10th December 2014 by

By John Richardson A COMMON view is that Asia’s petrochemicals markets are merely suffering from a...

The Philippines: What A Fantastic Opportunity
5th August 2014 by

By John Richardson The Philippines is in a demographic sweet spot, according to the CIA factbook. I...

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