Asian Chemical Connections

China Polyolefin Buyers Smell Blood……
25th March 2010 by

…..but time to party for some thanks to re-exports to Brazil Source of picture: edgsgonesouth....

China Labour Shortage Threat To Chem Demand Grows
22nd March 2010 by

“Sorry, but there’s more to life – I really don’t want to do this anymore...

Benzene: What Lies Beneath
5th February 2010 by

A Ring of Truth? Source of picture:   By John ...

Thai Start-up Delays On Court Ruling: The Details
4th December 2009 by

The Thai Supreme Court’s decision to uphold a September injunction halting development of $12b...

China Real Estate: When Is A Bubble A Bubble?
20th November 2009 by

      Source of picture: By John Richardson I love the phra...

“Middle East To Control Basic Chems In 3-5 Years”
19th November 2009 by

Abu Dhabi ahead in the race? Source of picture: By John Richardson The glo...

Naphtha Highest Level For More Than A Year
13th November 2009 by

 Shelf-space to be in short supply again? Source of picture:   ASIAN n...

What the flipping heck is going on?….
11th November 2009 by

…….and no trite Public Relations-speak answers, please!!!   This is not me, by the ...

China Sept chemical import-surge data
28th October 2009 by

More of the cheap stuff? Source of picture:   Some of the China import data for...

China’s chemical imports up – again!
27th October 2009 by

By John Richardson We don’t have the actual data yet (hopefully, we’ll be able to give y...

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