Asian Chemical Connections

Asian biofuels face a big crisis
21st November 2007 by

After all the optimism, all the hype and a lot of investors’ money, the industry has shot itse...

Can polymers rescue the Mile High Club?
18th November 2007 by

Maybe Singapore airlines has got the wrong end of the stick by trying to ban first class passengers ...

The idiocy and hypocrisy of biofuels
27th October 2007 by

I am having a go at the US here (see article below) – a pretty big target – but don̵...

How clean are coal-to-liquids? Does it really matter?
16th October 2007 by

Paul Hodges, in his excellent chemicals and the economy blog, talks about the recent Shenhua Energy ...

China will choke itself to death
19th July 2007 by

I think it’s about time that the developing world stopped saying “you did it, so why can...

Life gets more complicated in the Middle East
15th May 2007 by

In the old days all you had to do was propose an ethane cracker with PE and MEG downstream and you w...

Are coal-to-chemicals projects in China a load of nonsense?
30th April 2007 by

Maybe, if the mystery blogger at the excellent site knows what he is talk...

Bringing the sceptics and the greenies together
22nd February 2007 by

The famous “Skeptical” environmentalist (unfortunately, the American spelling and theref...

The weird and not so wonderful world of biofuels
21st February 2007 by

The petrochemicals industry generally gets a bad press, but producers are unlikely to ever be charge...

ExxonMobil turns a light shade of green
14th February 2007 by

Rex Tillerson, chief executive of ExxonMobil, displayed a careful balance between supporting the oil...

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