Want a place on the Board?
13th August 2008 by

The loneliness of the long distance CEO, CEO board game, the slippery career pole, Victor Newman, Pf...

Shell plans for the long-term
3rd June 2008 by

See below for an extended interview with Shell Chemicals vice president, Ben van Beurden, who talks ...

How do you account for the externalities?
24th April 2008 by

Economists refer to externalities as those factors that can influence growth but that are beyond the...

The search for more basic petrochemicals
10th April 2008 by

Very interesting speech from Alan Kirkley, Vice President of Strategy and Portfolio for Shell Chemic...

History will surely repeat itself
8th April 2008 by

The mood at the recent NPRA International Petrochemical Conference in San Antonio, Texas, was mixed,...

If I had a dollar for every time………
19th February 2008 by

…….I had heard a company saying it was moving up the value chain (or rather a Euro or a ...

Life gets more complicated for methanol
31st January 2008 by

In the good or maybe the bad old days depending on your standpoint, methanol was a fairly straightfo...

China coal to benzene threatens
20th January 2008 by

With naphtha prices so high, heavy aromatics and pygas feedstock for producing benzene are not only ...

Will Dow ever crack India?
9th January 2008 by

The two big gaps in the US major’s Asian presence (and gaping gaps they indeed are) are cracke...

Asian biofuels face a big crisis
21st November 2007 by

After all the optimism, all the hype and a lot of investors’ money, the industry has shot itse...

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