Asian Chemical Connections

Unravelling China’s polyester market
19th November 2009 by

By Malini Hariharan (Malini is now joint blogger for Asian Chemical Connections) China’s immen...

To Cut Rates Or Not To Cut…
2nd November 2009 by

A Famous Ditherer Source of picture:   Chasing higher oil prices and/or a...

China and M-E Delays To Offer More Market Support
29th October 2009 by

  As this updated table from my colleagues at CBI in China illustrates, cracker-complex delays ...

Don’t count on Thai project delays
15th October 2009 by

I have been digging a little deeper into the Map Ta Phut issue and it looks like expectations of maj...

Wearing blinkers is a job requirement
13th October 2009 by

“Take it from me, peripheral vision isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, especially if...

Thai project delays good news for markets, but…..
5th October 2009 by

….what do these environmental issues mean for Thailand as an investment destination?   &n...

Micro-management gone too far?
8th May 2009 by

micro-management, human resources, APIC, commodity chemicals, CEOs, credit control, financial meltdo...

Crikey, did I eat that much?
25th September 2008 by

Pimco, Mohamed El-Erian, financial meltdown, financial rescue package, American Chemistry Council...

Changing nature of demand
19th September 2008 by

green homes, the Economist, Peak Oil, speculators, changing demand growth...

Here we go again – 1997 is back…..
22nd January 2008 by

I sincerely hope not, but all the signs are there because of: *A financial crisis which nobody again...

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